Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journey

Well, we finally arrived back in Otorohanga, safe and sound. Its now officially summer and the weather is gorgeous! Sunshine and warm!!! :)
Will and I are slowly getting over the effects of jet-lag. For some reason  it seemed to effect us both much harshly this time around. Hmmm. It must be our old age......

The visit home was wonderful. Seeing friends and family was so nice. I can only speak for myself in some aspects, but I know that emotionally, I needed to be with family again--- if only for a little while. The visit seemed all too short.

The wedding was simply beautiful with the bride (my new sister!!!) looking elegant and stunning in her gown. I never knew it was going to be so hard to watch my little bro get married....

I always knew in my heart that I would have to prepare myself for leaving Tallahassee again, I just didnt know how hard it would be. I think leaving this second time was harder than the first. When I left in June, I knew I was going to come back and see my family in 6 months as we celebrated the wedding of Barry and Dusti. As I left this time, I am leaving with the uncertainty of knowing when I will return or how long it will be until I can sit around the table with my family at family dinner, or just relax and sip coffee with my mother at the kitchen table.

I find myself in a stage of my life right now, where I am completely dependent.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am very independent and enjoy taking care of things myself. I have been forced out of every comfort zone I have ever known, connected to emotions that I did not realize I had ( I have become quite the sappy person lately) and grown in ways I can only attribute credit to  God.

 Its been a journey.

I enjoy being a wife and supporter of my husband's ministry. What a blessing!!! When I think of other couples in the ministry who are not *connected* in their ministry--it saddens me to think of what they are missing out on: the joy of ministering together, sharing as ONE!

I am realizing that God is going to use me through this journey and make me stronger as a wife and person in the end.

I know one day (when Im old and gray), I will look back on these wonderful days and smile!  Everyone has their own journeys in life. This one is mine. I cant say this journey has been or is easy, but keeping in touch with good friends regularly through email and skype (love you Carrie) and family back home makes all the difference ( you just dont know!)

Besides, I live in New Zealand!!! I have a picture perfect scenery outside my window! Who can beat that?!?!