Monday, August 31, 2009

HIS Expectations

 Have you ever had a past event that once seemed insignificant at the time-- suddenly arise and you couldn't shake it from your head?  This happened to me not so long ago.

When I was still working at Bristol Youth Academy, I was running late for work but stopped to get gas. There was a middle aged woman going from car to car, passing out the Jehovah Witness devotional. She came to me as I was leaving.
"No thanks. I'm not interested, " I politely said to her. "I'm already a christian."
"Oh, wonderful. But let me ask you, what does God expect from you?"
I left that day, driving to work with the devil having his hold on my thoughts--(making me feel more insulted that a lady from another religion tried to hand me a devotional).  I thought silently to myself as I drove to work, "Ha! Are you serious, I know more about what God expects from me more than SHE does. " I didn't know at the time how self righteous I was being. 

God brought me to my senses soon after moving to New Zealand. I was just riding in the car (those who know me well, know I am VERY quiet when I am riding in a car) I saw the face of the same Jehovah Witness lady, asking me the question "What does God expect from you?" Clear out of the blue, unexpected. What does God expect from you... I kept repeating in my head...  What does he expect from me, truly expect from and of me, not what I THINK he expects of me, but what I know he expects? 

Sometimes we get confused and misinterpret our own expectations for God's. I loved the way God used the prior occasion, one I had not even put much thought into before, or even afterwards... to bring to my recollection-- to remind me of what HE expected of me. 

Even from the Pacific, I can strive to be the best daughter, loving and caring, being a friend to those who need one. Consistent  in attitude and actions, striving to be a better wife (I'm kinda new at this married life thing) growing in more in love with my husband more everyday while sharing the JOY of the Lord in ministry.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Life- New World

So, I decided to start a blog. I figured it would be easier to keep those across the world updated on what, when, where and how things happen here in New Zealand :)

It's Saturday night here. The weather still has a chill in it- but I am told that spring is just around the corner! Oh, lovely thought :)  

Who would have thought that such a beautiful place would be a place out of my comfort zone? 

The town we live in is a small dairy farming community. Imagine: Havana, FL! ((ha)) Dairy farming is BIG here in New Zealand, so there are farms everywhere. Its calving season right now-- so everyone is busy. I really enjoy the farm animals. Being kissed by a baby lamb pretty sweet--- Calves just being born is pretty cool too-- although quite funny when they cant stand up right away! I cant wait to go milking-- I think my mom is jealous that I will do that.

I haven't had a good excuse to play in the mud since I was a little girl. When it rains, it pours and there is ALOT of mud on the farms here. I always *thought I was a country girl--- but I soon realized that a Florida girl can't really label herself country (even with a country accent). 

I am still trying to *find my fit/place-- waiting on God to show me *exactly* how he wants to use me here. Working with Will in the Youth Ministry is awesome. We continue to have new youth and I believe they really enjoy Friday night youth group. We have just started the Youth Alpha course on Sunday nights as well. 

No pets. No children-- although I still plead for an Alpaca in our HUGE backyard.  We just moved house so I am enjoying decorating and making it feel more like "home". Sometimes Will doesnt understand my *decorating sense/abilities, but thats ok--> he's still learning :)