Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Its New Year's Eve here. Its crazy to think I will live in another year for a day as the rest of you finish up 2009.  If you have any questions... about how 2010 is going to be, just ask. ha! Just kidding. Im looking forward to the upcoming year with anticipation and excitement. I know a great year is in store!.

Its hard to believe Christmas is over, already.

I got a new camera for Christmas from Mom and Dad so I have really enjoyed taking pictures when I can... and I know I will use it alot in the future!

I had a much warmer christmas than in past years and much different one as well. Christmas is not as commercial here, in New Zealand and you dont find lots of presents under the tree. Of course there will be presents, just not alot. Instead of saying "Merry Christmas" people exchange saying of "Happy Christmas". Traditional christmas hymns of growing up were sung to a different time and rhythm.... I found that to be very frustrating for me personally since I couldnt sing any favorites as I was used to singing them. I did learn some new Christmas carols though.... along with *new verses added to traditional carols. Hmmm....

One thing Will and I really enjoyed this year was decorating our christmas tree. Our lights were so bright. We actually decorated our house for Christmas before we left for the states. Everyone here thought we were crazy-- but we just got to enjoy it that much longer. The lights on our tree are so bright that you can not have them on any other setting other than "steady on."
This is what our Christmas Tree looks like at night. You should see it from the street!!!! Oh yes, even our front lawn is lit up.... its great!

This is the time and season for gardening, which I have never tried before. I am quite enjoying it, although over the past few days my garden have been neglected. YIKES. What you see here are my poppies and .... umm... something else! hehehe. Its still a work in progress but they are bright and sunny and very cheerful! :) I have planted more flowers of different kinds so I am waiting to see how those turn out! :)
These started out as little spuds... so I am quite excited about their growth and progress!
Dont think I stop with flowers... I have a small vegge patch too. I am waiting to see the results of my newest plant. I have already harvested 10 potatoes. How do you grow potatoes? Plant an almost rotten one!! hahaha. We dont let anything go to waste here!

Before  Christmas we had our Youth Christmas party. It was alot of fun. We just got together, ate some Yummy food and did the white elephant gift exchange along with some fun christmas games and the reading of the Christmas story. All the youth are so great here. We have an awesome youth group! We are currently on summer holiday until February :)
This is a picture taken in our church. You dont see alot of the youth because they are all jumping for Candy Canes in two single file lines! :)

Its been a fast, fun filled couple of weeks. It seems like people are doing more since the summer holiday is here.

I pray you each have a wonderful last couple of days in the year 2009.

2009, it might have been prime
but in 2010 I will live it for HIM.