Monday, September 28, 2009

Understanding the lingo, continued

I thought of some more vocabulary words that can easily be misunderstood. :) Its always great learning new words, their meaning and how to use them in conversations everyday.

shrapnel: most would probably assume this to be used as a *shrapnel* or pieces of a bullet. Here it is referred to in slang referencing coins or change (money).
Meals: Not just breakfast, lunch and dinner here. No sir!  We have... Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea, dinner (also known as tea) with pudding ( pudding =dessert), and supper (evening tea). So, I guess you could say we like Tea and socializing  ALOT! With our *teas * there is usually a snack or something to eat served... so we don't have the traditional BIG southern meals like I'm used to.
Wop Wops: What americans refer to as THE BOONIES. Otorohanga is the Wop Wops, well.. close enough.
Fringe: This term I thought was VERY interesting. It took me a while to understand what this term meant in a convo. Commonly referred to as *bangs*.  You wouldn't go into a Barber her e and ask them to cut your bangs-- you might get some interesting looks. You simply ask for a *fringe*. This is a universal term for both males and females.
Plat: our everyday braid
Braids: What we would call *dreads* (if you get these confused and ask for your hair braided.... you might end up looking like Whoopi Goldberg, on a good hair day.
Motorway: The interstate
Footpath:  a sidewalk
Tramp/ bush-walk : hike or walk on a path or  along a natural trail.
Hot pools: Pools of natural thermal heated mineral water ( like a natural hot tub). Water can reach up to 42 celcius! I have to admit that I have become quite spoiled by the hot pools. there is nothing like it.